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With NAMUN School you can achieve everything!

Want To Know About Us ?

NAMUN School is an international platform for African culture and music. Our passion is music and our vision is that all people worldwide can benefit and learn from the beauty and wisdom of African cultures. Therefore we offer courses in different formats. Live, online, face to face. Also coaching for artists of all levels and those who would like to become one. We organise cultural conferences which you can follow online. High-Level-Teachers and Coaches will accompany each student on his individual belongs. Our aim is to share our knowledge with you to awaken and push the artist in you.

What Students Say

WHY NAMUN School ?


All our teachers and staff are high quality professionals. They are experts in their discipline and love to share their knowledge with the world. Each student is treated with kindness and attention so that we can bring out the best in ourselves.


In the modern world of today, we loose more and more our inner artist and our creativity. Life is getting faster and faster and on our way, we miss more and more humanity and values. NAMUN School and its teachers help you to get back your creative freedom, to find your personal artistic expression and to life your artistic life you dream of.

Oral learning

At NAMUN School, you don't need any experience in music theory or anything like this. We are based on a very special system using oral learning like people learn in Africa for example. We developed a very special method of learning which combines all the advantages of oral learning and modern pedagogy.

Artist and Life Coaching

Very soon, NAMUN School will propose also coaching sessions. You want to have feedback on your artistic work ? You want to work on your individual goals you want to achieve in life ? Feel free to drop us a message. 


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