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Welcome to Namun School

“Culture is the memory of the people, the collective consciousness of historical continuity, the way of thinking and of living.” Milan Kundera
This is what we stand for. NAMUN School promotes and protects African culture all around the world.

NAMUN School is an international platform for African culture and music. Our passion is music and our vision is that all people worldwide can benefit and learn from the beauty and wisdom of African cultures. Therefore we offer courses in different formats. Live, online, face to face. Also coaching for artists of all levels and those who would like to become one. We organise cultural conferences which you can follow online. As a company, you can enjoy inspired and creative team buildings.

At NAMUN School, High-Level-Teachers and Coaches will accompany each student on his individual belongs. Our aim is to share our knowledge with you to awaken and push the artist in you.

Our Story

NAMUN School started in 1996 in Brussels under the name Namunkanda. Within the years, it developed and is now well-known as NAMUN School. We started with courses like balafon, kora and percussions but also polyphonic singing and dance.

N’Faly Kouyaté is the founder of NAMUN School. In 2009, Sandra Werner joined the team and with courses, workshops, retreats and even cultural excursions, they arrived to build this African Culture and Music Platform.

With our fabulous and very professional teachers like N’Faly Kouyaté, Aminata Maciré Touré, Muriel Kouyaté, Anita Daulne, Fredy Massamba, Dobet Gnahoré, Stella Khumalo, Vuyo Tshuma and others, we could achieve a high quality standard in African Music Teaching which we constantly expand.

What we offer ?