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Aminata Touré

Aminata Touré


    Born in Conakry in Guinea, Aminata grew up in the Matam district, the artistic center of the capital, where dance and music are an integral part of the life of the inhabitants. From an early age she was interested in dance, observed the dancers and the various ballets, mainly the “Matam” ballet. Aminata was 10 years old when she joined her first ballet, the Suraa kata ballet. She trained and danced within this ballet and did not leave it until 2008. She worked with various dancers and choreographers, mainly with the dancer-choreographer Soriba Simbo Camara in the United States and the dancer and singer Fanta Yayo in Sweden. Little by little, she made herself known in Conakry and quickly became, under the diminutive of “M’Mi”, one of the most popular dancers of her generation.

    All Sessions by Aminata Touré

    Cours 1 12 Sep 2022
    19:30 - 21:00


    De Rinck
    Programme après-midi 24 Sep 2022
    14:30 - 15:30

    Manding Folilalou

    Salle Terarken

    Collective rhythm and dance by : - Aminata Touré - Cadence Mandingue - Magic Drums - NAMUN School - Veronique Linclau